Friday, April 1, 2011

Server Addons

I have taken it upon myself to make a complete list of all the addons I use on my server, complete with http links and, where appropriate, svn links. GMod SVN Updater has links for many of these addons already, I recommend you use it, as http links are often outdated and broken.

Large Addons (>10 MB):
  • Wiremod (svn)
  • Spacebuild 3 (http) (svn)
  • Life Support 3 (http) (svn)
  • SpaceBuild Enhancment Project (svn)
  • Stargate Pack (http) (svn)
  • Mckays Stargate Pack (http) (svn)
  • Carter's Addon Pack (http) (svn)
  • CatDaemon's Stuff (svn)
  • StarTrek Shuttle Pack (http) (svn)
  • PCMod 2 (svn)
  • SCars (http)
  • ApwnInTheDark's Starship Pack (http)
  • Halo Sweps (http)

Small Addons (<10 MB):

  • gm_startrekTOS_v6 (http)
  • gm_spacewar_v2-6 (http)
  • sb_wuwgalaxy_fix (http) <- This is the usual map for the server, though on request I change it to the others.
  • Harbor2Ocean_NavalB1 (http)
  • zs_thecity (http)
  • rp_cscdesert_v2-1 (http)
  • gm_flatgrass


  1. I haven't played GMOD in like a year. I'm so gonna go reinstall it!

  2. Cool. I hope the addons aren't too much by the way of file size.

  3. what is the total file size for these? If you don't mind me asking

  4. The size of the addons folder of my server is 5.1 GB. I suppose it is a bit overkill, but the server was originally just for my friends and I and we all had these mods so it wasn't an issue.

  5. I need to start playing this again. Was a great game

  6. Thanks tooking the time for us mate. For real cheers !

  7. thanks for the suggestions