Sunday, April 10, 2011

Addon of the Week: Spacebuild 3

This week I have decided to cover one of my personal favorite addons, Spacebuild (that SVN contains many seperate addons needed for SB3). Spacebuild is basically what it sounds like, the sandbox gamemode, but with added atmospheric conditions, gravity for planetary bodies, and a vacuum in space. Most people run Spacebuild with the Life Support and Resource Distribution addons.
Life Support and Resource Distribution enable a somewhat realistic simulation of underwater and space travel. The combination of these addons provides the ability to have some good fun in space, and there are many possible avenues of fun to have. For example, you can build a ship to explore the galaxy and combat other ships, you can go to distant worlds and terraform them into a habitable state, or you can spacewalk to invade a space station controlled by loads of Combine forces.

I hope you all give this a try, even if you don't download it for your own game, you should join a spacebuild server at some point in time jut to try it out. Hope you enjoyed this Addon of the Week, I will post another next Sunday.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Team Fortress 2: Yeah Toast (Video)

I couldn't find a good music video of this song made in Garry's Mod, but I have seen this one before, and it is excellent. I am sure you have all heard this song before. The video was definitely not done by me. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Addon of the Week: Stargate Mod

I have decided to highlight a, in my opinion, good mod every week. This week I have decided to highlight Stargate Mod by aVoN. I have always considered this mod to be among some of the best I have encountered for Garry's Mod, and many people have built upon what aVoN has done to make it even better. This mod includes new entities, such as the ring transporter and stargate, as well as new weapons.

In addition to the new entities and weapons, there are also NPCs and many tools added into a "Stargate" tab in the tools (Q) menu. This mod is extremely useful on spacebuild servers, as it makes travel to other planets easy for those who do not have a ship or do not want to build a ship.

When used in a combat situation, the offensive and defensive capabilities this mod brings to the table are astounding. Weapons can be mounted on anything and controlled by either wire, or by the use key (E). The weapons are extremely powerful and some can punch a hole clear through enemy spacecraft.

On the defensive side of things, there are a few options. First, there is the cloaking device, which makes an entire contraption or area invisible, and can also make it temporarily no collide while cloaked. The shield is also amazing, as it blocks most projectiles along with any prop, entity, or radiation damage (thinking nuke).

I would highly recommend this mod to anyone who has Garry's Mod as hours of fun can be had playing with aVoN's masterpiece and the various mods that expand on it, such as Carter's Addon Pack, or Mckays Stargate Addon Pack. I hoped you all enjoy this mod and find my review helpful.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Garry's Mod Macbeth Parody (Video)

This video was created a couple of weeks ago for a friend's project. All the scenes were record in Garry's Mod on my server. The total filming time was about 3 hours, and the total editing time was about 6 hours. It was split up over the course of three days and there were delays with voice overs. Warning in advance: this is extremely dumb and poorly produced. I was only the editor and camera man. The director, actor, voice over artist, etc, was all Stephen. Personally, my favorite part is the space battle near the end . Anyway, here is the video, tell me what you think.