Thursday, March 31, 2011

Starting Out

So, I have been running a space build server for about a month now, and decided to make this blog to get information out there about it. It doesn't yet have a dedicated box, but doesn't run too badly all things considered. The server is on the west coast, and most people report pings of <200 ms. The servers uses Stargate Pack + CAP, SCars, ULX, SpaceBuild Enhancement Pack, and many other random addons. Most are available through the GMod SVN Updater tool here. I may post an complete list of addons on this blog at a later time. At any rate, download the addons I listed here, as the total size of these comes to more than you want to try to download over the internet from my server. It uses SpaceBuild 3 and our usual map is sb_wuwgalaxy_fix. Much of the time the server is just used for building random spacecraft, but often we turn the game into space role play, or just an all out battle of the current players in the server. It is located at Hope you will give it a try. One last thing, please do not block the ads using AdBlockPlus or other adblocker, the ads are going to be the only money supporting my server.

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